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    Studies, audits, designs, installations and commissioning of protection and control systems of high and low voltage installations. We offer comprehensive sales service

    Energy Efficiency

    Development and optimal use of resources to ensure improvement of energy efficiency and also to ensure the usage of all renewable energy sources


    Design and installation of air conditioning and heating systems for better air treatment: cooling , heating, dehumidification. We offer quality indoor air by using HVAC system

    Fire Protection

    We offer design, development and installation of fire protection systems in many different facilities

    Renewable Energy

    Creation of infrastructures related to environment efficiency. We are a reference in the construction and implementation process of solar plants, wind farms and power gas plants

    Energy Services

    Design, development and installation of energy efficiency projects to reduce operating costs and improve service quality of each one of our clients

    Regulation and Control

    Solutions for maintenance of a wide range of products with thermal sensors. We also repair them, we do on-site revisions, calibrations and we do the automation process


    Telecommunications services for companies and institutions, guaranteeing the highest availability. Custom design to provide the best solution to each customer

    Safety and Training

    Health and safety plans and studies. We do training on health, work safety and energy efficiency for companies, institutions and individuals

    Environmental Management

    Practical and profitable solutions for treatment of solid and liquid waste. Environmental research studies for the treatment of contaminated soils, aquifers and industries

    Smart Services

    We offer adaptation and maintenance service for network facilities and telematics services, including remote management from inside the building and from the outside

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